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          BicarBlast from the Netherlands, operating worldwide, that has developed unique cleaning products and machines for the Flexographic printing industry. We offer products for cleaning your anilox rolls and everything that comes with them, to inspect and protect your rolls. The cleaning products and methods are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and will improve the printing quality. We offer you an extensive program of cleaning agents, resources, and machines that could assist you in the daily and periodic cleaning of your anilox rolls.

          BioClean cleaning agents for any type of pollution, ink type, or problem. The BioClean products are also excellently suitable to be used in your current cleaning machine.

          BioClean DRAGON is a new and revolutionary product that cleans water-based, solvent-based, and UV inks, in combination with the special microsponge. BioClean DRAGON is PH neutral and thus safe for all types of anilox rolls, as well as for your employees. Comes as a box with 3 x 1 kg + 8 microsponges. BioClean DRAGON is ISEGA certified.

BioClean ACIDIC 650
          BioClean ACIDIC 650 is a cleaning agent that removes visual spots and Tiger stripes. Use this product pure and always in combination with the microsponges.

Micro sponge
          The special BioClean micro sponge ensures that the active ingredients in the BioClean cleaning agents are able to penetrate into the deepest pores of the anilox roll and depending on the degree of pollution, a soaking time of 30 seconds to 3 minutes will be required to soak the pollution on the anilox roll. It is important that the sponge is not made wet and that rubbing is done thoroughly.