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          Troika Systems Limited is the leading manufacturer of 2D and 3D scanning microscopes for the printing industry. Troika has set new standards for quality assurance in the printing, embossing, and coating markets with its easy-to-use AniCAM and SurfaceCAM 3D scanning microscopes.

          The AniCAM 3D Scanning Microscope is the capturing device for Troikas Quality Control Applications to measure Flexo-Plates, Anilox rolls, and Gravure Cylinders. These applications are proven to enable printers to know the condition of their rolls or plates and make savings by reducing press setup time and waste.

Key Benefits of AniCAM
          A very practical and easy to use tool that will ensure your anilox rolls are properly identified with volume measurement, screen count, screen angle, cell opening, and wall measurements, all done in just a few minutes. Knowing the condition of the Anilox in the heart of your press, through proper identification and verification, gives increased assurance of the final printed result.

          Verifying the volume of a set of anilox rolls is essential for maintaining ink balance on the press. Having a set of rolls that you know have similar volumes will reduce time-consuming and costly ink strengthening and its associated work-off ink; it can reduce the need for ink extending and some work-off ink inventory. All measurement information and images can be printed or exported for use in 3rd party software (like Excel or database programs) for comparison between historic and current information. You can now track the changes in the volume of Anilox rolls and monitor their condition. Having a graphical history of wear on the anilox rolls will allow you to plan, financially and in production, for roll replacement or refurbishment. AniCAM is very portable, therefore measurements can be taken in the press room, the plate room, or in the anilox storage area making it a very practical all-round tool for all print departments.